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Anti-Counterfeiting Law

In the past, counterfeit merchandise imported from China was sold in hushed whispers in areas such New York City’s Canal Street

However, today anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can purchase counterfeit goods directly from the source factory and have those goods delivered directly to their house or business in relative anonymity. Although many online merchants will argue that they are just a web host and therefore not liable, we strongly disagree with that position. Online merchants cannot turn a blind eye counterfeiting when they are profiting from it.
Accordingly, the firm monitors the Internet for Counterfeit products and gets those counterfeit products removed. Specific sites like,,, DH,,, and more are frequent offenders. However, our firm has developed relationships with these organizations and understands how to remove these products. We don’t stop there, when necessary to protect our clients we sue for injunctive relief and damages in United States District Court and/or the Peoples Republic of China (“PRC”), in conjunction with counsel in the PRC.

The firm has also regularly works in conjunction with the The U.S. Department of Justice, special agents at Homeland Security Investigations (“HSI”), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”), United States Assistant District Attorneys, and Customs and Border Patrol Agents (“CBP”). Accordingly, these relationships have paved the way for results for firm clients. The firm frequently orchestrates raids of warehouses of counterfeit products, whereby search warrants and arrest warrants are executed, the products are seized and criminal charges are filed against the importer of record.