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Arbitration & Mediation

The Shrayer Law Firm is constantly negotiates for its clients.

Often agreements contain mandatory arbitration clauses. The rationale is simple. Litigation can be very expensive. Accordingly, the firm always looking for a way to reduce costs while still maintaining the same excellence that our clients have come to expect from our firm.

Also, often times disputes will be mediated. This is often the case with foreclosures and real estate disputes. Often times mediation actually forces opposing counsel to consider a settlement and end months of back and forth litigation.

The main difference between Arbitration & Mediation is that Arbitration is binding. Mediation the sides can choose to walk away and not reach an agreement. In business contracts, arbitration is favored to mediation as there is a definitive decision made by the arbitrator that is non-appealable.

Call the Shrayer Law Firm today to discuss how the firm can can help your business resolve its contractual issues through either mediation or binding arbitration.