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Foreclosure Defense

The Shrayer Law Firm focuses on

Real estate law in conjunction with foreclosure proceedings and collection activities brought by banks and Homeowner’s Associations. Homeowners in financial trouble need to explore all options, such as mortgage modification, a deed in lieu of foreclosure agreement, a strategic default, or a short sale. The Shrayer Law Firm has successfully negotiated with banks to ensure that deficiency judgments against clients are not pursued.

A well-defended foreclosure has many benefits:

  • Continue to live in your home during the fight.
  • Continue to collect rent from investment properties.
  • Get a meaningful loan modification that reduces your principal.
  • Avoid a deficiency judgment.
  • Force the bank to settle on better terms

In Florida, lenders may obtain a “deficiency judgment” for the balance of what you owe after selling your house at the foreclosure sale. The Shrayer Law Firm will demand documents and ask the Lender tough questions. The firm helps clients avoid deficiency judgments.