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The firm is run by Attorney Glen H. Shrayer.

His first love was real estate. He first became licensed in real estate in 2003 in Boston, MA. Subsequently, he became a licensed real estate broker in both Florida and Massachusetts. Florida Bar Rule 4-1.7 precludes simultaneous representation in both law and as a real estate broker. Attorney Shrayer, a former Bar Counsel with the Florida Bar, on a special project targeting foreclosure fraud, takes these matters seriously and does not violate this rule.

Attorney Shrayer enjoys helping clients make money.

The firm studies the markets. It is not easy to make money in real estate anymore. However, the sharks are still making money because there are still deals to be had. This firm can help you navigate the auctions and make money. The firm also can help you identify available land to go forward with development projects and can help you secure the necessary financing. Whether it is 1031 exchanges or securing the best and highest use of your property, no stone will be left unturned. Call the firm today to learn how you can maximize and identify new investments.